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The Quadratic Sieve

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Just got done with a terrible day of magic numbers. To spare everyone the trouble, here’s a fairly clear version of a quadratic sieve for generating prime numbers that ought to be self-explanatory and easily modified– as opposed to many other algorithms out there.

def primes(n):
    '''Get all primes up to n.'''
    n = int(n)
    if n < 2:
        return []
    sieve = range(n)
    sieve[1] = 0
    root = n ** 0.5
    index = 0
    while index <= root:
        if sieve[index]:
            i = index ** 2
            while i &lt; n:
                sieve[i] = 0
                i += index
        index += 1
    return [x for x in sieve if x]

Written by Ceasar Bautista

2011/07/10 at 02:49

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3 Responses

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  1. This is NOT a quadratic sieve but the sieve of eratosthenes.


    2013/12/14 at 11:20

    • Actually, it is. Note line 12.

      Ceasar Bautista

      2013/12/23 at 13:35

  2. I agree with zobytwo, this is not Quadratic Sieve, so you need more documentation before post this.
    Quadratic sieves factorizes integers not shows the primes ‘up to’ n number as you say.


    2014/01/30 at 06:55


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